Mountain (crashing) Biking

So lately I have been bitten by this fitness bug… What I am going to achieve from this I have no idea. At present I am going for scantly clad cheerleaders, buff body and epic awesomeness. A man can dream right?

It seems that you have to prioritise when it comes to Mountain Biking. As I flew over my handlebars for the umpteenth time in graceful slow motion, I wondered what accessories I would need to prevent said experiences from happening so regularly. As I am sure everyone knows, being airborne is only cool if you have a soft landing… as opposed to a landing filled with rocks, angry animals and general unhappiness.

So far I have a helmet and a camel back. I have broken down my needs into 3 further things: Shoes, gloves and shorts. Shorts would protect my delicate arse, gloves to protect my already partially shredded hands and shoes (with practice) to keep me on the bike.

I am leaning towards the shoes… as Saturday was quite a sight with me looking like a French hooker, my legs splayed outwards as I desperately tried to stop crashing. Although, Shoes lock you in… so if you do topple, the bike topples with you… adding to your misery.

Well, food for thought. I am off to Gym… hopefully I can drop weights on my toes to complete the process.


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