Bucket List

Ah, the famous bucket list…

The list that depicts what you want to achieve before you kick the bucket, push up daisies, become fertiliser, fall off the perch, pop your cogs…. OK I’ll stop.

So without further adieu…

1) Fly-fish in Alaska

2) See the Northern Lights

3) Sky-dive

4) Get Married

5) Start a business

6) Join the Mile High Club

7) Climb Kilimanjaro

8) Start a family

9) Complete a multi-stage mountain bike race

10) Complete a 20km road race or trail run

11) Do the Dusi (South African Canoe Race)

The list will get updated as we go along…


Hello? Is this thing on?

So begins my first ever blog and blog post.

I have always had the view that my life really was not interesting enough to start a blog. This all changed a couple of days ago due to a number of things:

1) When looking back on my previous travels, I was sorry I had not fully recorded the funny things that occurred, the cultural mishaps and the general shenanigans that occurred. I have it on email, but it’s just not the same. I have exciting opportunities ahead and hope to make some people laugh, cringe and contribute to my travels.

2) I have been seeing a life coach (really good idea) and she recommended that I create a bucket list. I have always had a bucket list, but now I am encouraged to follow through with it. I would also like to throw in some charity stuff too, encouraged by my mates blog – http://nodangerdiaries.wordpress.com/ which combines doing weird activities, as well as creating a difference.

3) I have come across some amazing articles / websites which have really inspired me to live life to the fullest. I am happy to share these with you. The article first, http://www.iol.co.za/news/world/man-who-auctioned-old-life-emerges-a-winner-1.1274196, which really is inspiring and heart warming. Secondly, http://1000awesomethings.com/the-top-1000/, truly makes one appreciate the little things in life. Hope you enjoy.

I am still figuring out this blog thing… so bear with me 😉

Till next time